We the A Team Contractors are Master Painters and a Quality Coatings manufacturer. We provide industry leading warranties on our paints and on workmanship from such nuisances as flacking , peeling etc.

We understand that painting is not only meant to beautify but is meant to protect and enhance value as well. That is why our paints are formulated and guaranteed to last longer.

Through our artisans who by virtue experience and continual improvement are masters of their craft we offer further guarantees on workmanship!

Owning the process from manufacture to application guarantees you our client perfection and peace of mind


At A Team we employ innovative bleeding edge technologies to advance our core mission of providing the very best service and paint finish to your jobs. In some cases these technologies are peculiar to A Team in Zimbabwe


We adhere to a traditional set of ideals which are the hallmarks of character: reliability, trustworthiness and integrity. We also subscribe to modern business thinking exuding transparency and trust- based/relational interactions .We balance proven methods with innovative approaches

SOME OF OUR PROJECTS    (for more projects click here )

Are you looking for a quality custom paint designs at an affordable price? Look no further; A Team would be delighted to help you bring your dream to life.

Our services include Paint Contracting, Color Consultancy, Interior Design and more to turn your business into a place of pride. Choose us for our background in general paint contracting services.


  • ``........have found the A Team to be full of ideas, desire, and the perfect workmanship to undertake refurbishment projects especially in the area of painting......``

    • Clive Chinwada
    • GM Troutbeck Resort 2012
  • ``......... the A Team bring a wealth of experience to their job and the passion exuded during the project show that this is not just work but a vocation. I would highly recommend the A Team for any paint jobs and commend them for the progress they have made in the last couple of years with regards the procurement of equipment to better their work.........``

    • Nomsa Dzambo
    • DGM Elephant Hills 2013
  • ``.........The A Team painting company has a strong reputation of being cost competitive while delivering the highest quality workmanship in Zimbabwe. The A Team is highly professional from project inception to completion , as well as after sales back-up. They maintain a very clean and safe work environment on all of their jobs. I’m simply amazed at how they can handle both small and large scale projects with equal professionalism and competency........``

    • Esoph Makorie
    • Lead Project Manager Cresta Refurb (Operations Director - Design Up)
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