Absolute Pinkwood Primer

Absolute Undercoat

Absolute Fillercote

Absolute Super Acrylic

Absolute Ceiling White

Absolute Cashmere

Absolute Wallscape

Absolute Super Glo Enamel

Paint Pourri

Paint Manufacturing
The A Team has invested in technologically advanced Variable , Semi-Automatic HSMs. These amazing and versatile paint manufacturing machines each have daily production capacity of at least 16,000L of paint of the highest quality. They are truly a marvel. They employ the latest technologies and are highly optimised. They have  a very low carbon footprint (Lowest on the market) . We have also developed a next gen DuraLitetechnology that repels dirt, improves longevity and enhances colour stay.

Green Credentials
All our water based paints are free of VOCs and are certified as environmentally friendly.

A Team offers industry first guarantees of up to 15 years for not only the paint quality but for colour stay as well!

Colour Matching 
Mobile SpectroPhotoMeter
We have the latest in mobile spectrophotometry which ensures we capture, measure, match and store whatever samples you may have.



Colour Bank

HIH - Vumba Resturant Colours (Project B11-14) Our Colour Bank as the name implies is to store all the colour related information on our clients’ various projects and purchases including but not limited to the colour, the type of paint, area painted on etc.