Absolute ™ Super Acrylic PVA is superior quality paint with a smooth matt finish which has been especially  formulated to provide cover to all interior and exterior surfaces. It has excellent filling and hiding properties with a rich matt finish.

Fill in all imperfections with relevant Absolute Paints ® filler


Thinning is not necessary as the Absolute Paints products come optimised ready for use. In the event that thinning is deemed a necessity it shall not be more than 10% by volume. Thin with water!

Number of coats: 2 coats

Preparing the surfaces: Make sure the surface is clean (no dirt or grease) and dry.

Drying TimeDry Time: 2hrs



Prime: Prime with the relevant Absolute Paints Primer. [WoodAbsolute™ Pinkwood Primer], [New PlasterAbsolute ™ Fillercote], [ IronAbsolute™ Red Oxide Primer], [Steel Zinc Phosphate Primer]

Painting: Apply 2 coats evenly either with brush, roller or spray. Leave 2 hours to dry between coats. To provide for colour uniformity use corresponding batch numbers or mix the non-matching batch numbers

Cleaning: Remove paint from the brush with a cloth and then wash with Mineral Turpentine and water.

Storing: Store paint in dry conditions and protect from extreme temperatures.

Recycling: Don’t waste unwanted paint! Leftover product may be donated to someone or a cause

For More Detailed Instructions Please Follow Label Instructions On Your Paint Absolute ™ Paints tin.

Absolute Super Acrylic PVA MSDS